Apple is making it easier to distribute subscription podcasts

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Apple is making it easier for podcasters to get their subscription shows onto its platform. Creators on select podcast distribution platforms like Acast and Libsyn will soon be able to automatically upload their premium shows onto the Apple Podcasts app instead of having to publish thememem episode by episode through Apple’s platform.

Plus, the next iOS update will keep podcast downloads from devouring your storage

Currently, those who offer subscription shows through the Apple Podcasters Program need to publish episodes through Apple Podcast Connect. The company says that its new Delegated Delivery system will allow creators to skip that extra step and publish shows on Apple directly from their host’s dashboard. In addition to Acast and Libsyn, the initial group of partner hosts includes Buzzsprout, Omny Studio,, Blubrry, and ART19. The feature is supposed to launch “this fall.”

The new conveyance component will likewise apply to free shows, which are circulated by the RSS channel. Indeed, even with the new conveyance framework, podcasters offering memberships will in any case have to pay for the Apple Podcasters Program, which costs $19.99 each year.

Apple Podcasts representative Zach Kahn said that the new element isn’t expected to contend with Spotify’s Anchor, which permits makers to have and disperse membership shows straightforwardly onto Spotify. The goal, he expressed, is to make a more open podcasting biological system so open that Anchor and Megaphone, additionally possessed by Spotify, could become Delegated Delivery accomplices assuming the organization decided to do such. Spotify didn’t answer the demand for input on whether it would.

Spotify already has its partner hosts that have streamlined publishing for subscription shows through its Open Access program, including Supercast, and glow.FM (which is owned by Libsyn), and Apple partner Acast. (Note: Vox Media is also a partner in Spotify’s Open Access program).

Apple announced a new feature for podcast listeners as well. A new software update for iPhones, iPads, and Macs will allow users to specify how many podcast episodes they want to keep downloaded in the app for offline listening, with options like “five latest episodes” or those published in the “last 14 days.” Older episodes that weren’t manually downloaded will be automatically deleted. The new downloads configuration potentially solves a huge annoyance for heavy podcast listeners who can quickly rack up downloads that eat their device’s storage.

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