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French election: A battle of bad reputations for Le Pen and Macron

Written by Nuel

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Finding a French election poster for either top candidate that hasn’t yet been defaced is almost like a treasure hunt.

Ahead of this Sunday’s decisive presidential election, colorful slurs are scrawled everywhere: “fascist” or “dirty liberal”; “racist” v “elitist” on billboards for Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

It doesn’t take long to work out what’s aimed at whom. The violent dislike many voters express for one or both sides in this election can take your breath away.

Marine Le Pen is used to it.

The daughter of an infamous anti-immigration, nationalist politician who repeatedly spoke of Nazi gas chambers and the Holocaust as “a detail of the history of the Second World War”, she has spent years trying to escape Jean-Marie Le Pen’s toxic shadow.

This is her third attempt at the presidency, and she is the softest public version of herself yet. From her pastel make-up to a notably warmer speaking tone and her focus on the working French struggling to make ends meet, rather than concentrating on the classic far-right priorities: law and order and immigration.

“Marine”, as she now likes to be known, has tried oh so very hard to rebrand herself as a patriotic centrist.

I put it to her that her critics call her “unelectable; describing her as too far right and radical.

“I’m not radical, sorry!” she retorted. “The current government has been led by the privileged minority for the privileged minority. That’s the reality.”

“I am running for president to change that. To establish a government of the people, for the people… giving back power to the people.”


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Marine Le Pen

Indecency, she’s convinced many, with notoriety evaluations she never delighted in already. Yet, huge wraps of France don’t get it.

Nanette, a youthful Muslim office laborer, let me know Le Pen could ‘”change her veil as frequently as she enjoyed” however that she stayed extremely squarely in her underlying foundations and strategies.

She’d cast a ballot for Emmanuel Macron, she said, to keep Le Pen out.

At the point when I followed Le Pen on her battlefield in the south of France a couple of days prior, her press officials had us columnists meet them in a vehicle left at an organized time. We then were passed on to stick around peevishly, until they out of nowhere declared the name of the town Marine Le Pen would unavoidably show up in for a mission occasion.

It was very strange.

Yet, there is a rationale to it. On the off chance that the press didn’t be aware early where Marine would be happy giving, then, at that point, her yelling, reciting, on occasion forceful naysayers wouldn’t be there either, to destroy her PR occasion.

Emmanuel Macron had a far more straightforward time in 2017. His most memorable official mission.

Then, he was a fresher-colored, bold political disrupter, professing to be neither of the left nor the right, only encouraging a brilliant future for every French man and lady.

Working-class French ladies fainted over him. French financial specialists had high expectations for the hares they trusted the previous kid wonder economy pastor could pull out of French tricolor-shaded caps.

Presently, he’s been discolored by five years in office, which included directing a worldwide pandemic, a conflict in Ukraine that compromises more extensive European steadiness, and a major, fat Covid and Russia-strains connected financial slump.

Madame Le Pen isn’t the only one with a standing issue.

Macron is disparagingly alluded to as “Jupiter” or “leader of the rich” by his doubters. Numerous citizens say they wouldn’t contact him with a flatboat shaft. Which makes Sunday’s vote all the more captivating.

The French frequently discuss putting a garments stake on their nose while projecting a voting form in the last round of official political decisions.

It’s tied in with picking “the best of the most awful”, individuals tell you. Keeping the most terrible applicant from getting down to business.

Whether it was to overcome Marine Le Pen or her dad before her, French ideological groups would club together to frame a supposed cordon sanitaire to keep the extreme right out of government.

This political decision year it’s undeniably less obvious.


The central issue is whether citizens of the extreme left will decline, given their profound aversion to Emmanuel Macron, regardless of whether that could mean guiding Marine Le Pen into the Élysée Palace through indirect access.

Citizen scorn and elector unresponsiveness are seemingly the greater danger for Macron on Sunday than Le Pen herself.

Very much a different from the energy you find in global circles while talking about the chance of President Le Pen.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, let me know he thought the more extensive world, not just Europe, knew about what was in question in this political decision: two dreams of things to come of France and two dreams of things to come of Europe, he said.

Particularly considering the seething Russia-Ukraine emergency.

Brussels and Washington are watching the vote very intently, crossing their figurative fingers. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and notable Russian resistance pioneer Alexei Navalny have both called for Macron to be reappointed.

France has the EU’s just huge military power. It’s the alliance’s second-biggest economy and it’s been assuming an inexorably predominant European part since the takeoff from governmental issues of EU grande lady Angela Merkel, which left Berlin to some degree debilitated on the world stage.

Macron needs to support EU, Nato, and transoceanic relations.

While Le Pen is a euro-and US-cynic with generally close connections to Moscow and a manageable distance mentality towards Nato.

Bruno Le Maire

“Do you think when you have war in Europe,” spluttered Bruno Le Maire, “that it’s a good idea for France, for the G7 countries, for all the allies of the French nation to have France, one of the most important political power in Europe, withdraw from the NATO’s military command?” he asked.

Because that is what Madame Le Pen proposes.

Mr. Le Maire also warned the Le Pen economic program would be disastrous, he said. Not only for France but the whole of Europe. Also damaging close economic partner the UK, he said.

Marine Le Pen fiercely defends her financial proposals, which include abolishing income tax for the under-30s and helping the hard-up with France’s cost of living crisis.

She also claims not to be a danger to the EU.

As part of her attempt to attract more mainstream voters, Le Pen has backed away from her once oft-repeated desire to remove France from the euro currency and from “the tyranny of Brussels”.

But her declared intention to unilaterally reduce France’s contributions to the EU budget, to restrict the freedom of movement of workers across Schengen passport-free European borders, and to declare the supremacy of French law over EU law, in direct contradiction to EU treaties, could end up paralyzing the EU from within.

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau, formerly Macron’s Europe minister, told me she had gone into politics to help prevent the far right from getting to power.

No one should downplay the possibility of a Le Pen presidency, she insisted.

Remember Donald Trump’s surprise election victory and the Brexit vote, she added – when people went to bed, believing the UK would remain in the EU, only to wake up to a very different reality?

Still, if Marine Le Pen were to beat the odds and become president this Sunday, Nathalie Loiseau said it was very unlikely she’d manage to cobble together a coalition of like-minded countries aiming to dismantle the EU from the inside.

Her closest EU ally, Viktor Orban, wants the EU to keep existing, she explained, so his country can continue to benefit from subsidies. While Poland’s Brussels-sceptic coalition was deeply troubled by Le Pen’s cozy relationship with Russia.

The campaign slogans of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron both claim they represent all French people. Considering their very different political programs and reputations, that is an impossibility.



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