iPhone 14 Pro leak forecasts full specs and price

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The iPhone 14 Pro specifications have supposedly leaked months ahead of its actual unveiling, giving us a good idea of just what users can expect from the latest Apple smartphone.

As indicated by Twitter account Shadow_Leak, which has a background marked by sharing tech subtleties early – including the Microsoft Surface 8 and iPhone 14 – the Apple iPhone 14 Pro will highlight an A16 Bionic Chip, a titanium combination outline, 6GB of RAM, and present to 128GB of stockpiling as a base. This will then go up to 1TB with 256GB and 512GB being accessible as well.

One of the biggest specifications is surrounding the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera, which is expected to arrive with a 48MP sensor. This is not the first time this upgrade has been reported on. If true, this could be a big deal as it could see Apple introduce 8K video recording in the history of the iPhone. Naturally, it will bring better general enhancements to taking photos as well.

In particular, DSCC CEO and show examiner Ross Young brought up (through Twitter) that “the board size isn’t correct, slight increment, and that implies goal isn’t probably correct either,” before affirming that he will uncover what the board size will be at the DSCC gathering on May 9th, 2022

Finally, the price of the smartphone was detailed to be $1,099 for the standard 128GB model – a $100 increase over the iPhone 13 Pro model at $999 / £949 / A$1,699. This rise in cost has been rumored frequently since the beginning of 2022, potentially a result of the pandemic and shortage of components like semiconductors. The cost of living is growing too, so that needs to be taken into consideration with manufacturing.

T3 tech supervisor Mike Lowe says that: “By and large, Apple has been gradually increasing the spec of its iPhone territory from one age to another, so for this hole to zero in on a lift in camera spec – going from 12 to 48-megapixel on the primary – presents the principal huge goal help in Apple’s telephone series for quite a while.

“That said, everything else looks like business as usual: the screen size is the same (Apple has long cited 6.06-inch as 6.1-inch on its site); the processor an incremental upgrade (A16 slated to be 4nm compared to the A15’s 5nm process); and the price an inevitable rise (we’re living in times of high inflation, after all).

“Of course, it’s far too early in the release cycle to take this leak as fact – but I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty more soon. I wouldn’t anticipate a design revamp, though, and this leak supports that theory,” he concluded.

We’ll likely more at Apple’s event in September, which is traditionally the place where everything is officially shown off for the first time. More recently, the tech giant confirmed that iPhone users can now repair their own smartphone devices… but it’s kind of pointless.


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